Micro Markets

Unattended retail experience

Businesses with a micro market have:

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Increased Employee Retention
and so much more!

Graddon Vending’s latest offering, micro markets, is an exciting new addition to our comprehensive range of vending solutions. These innovative new food and drink services use automated self-checkout technology for an unattended retail experience. Consumers can purchase products from open shelves, coolers or freezers and then use a self-checkout kiosk to purchase their products.

The beauty of a micro market lies in its ability to be customised to specific needs of our organisation. One of our Micro Markets could easily stock 150+ products, while more traditional vending machines tend to stock around 40 products. They blend the convenience of a vending machine with the fresh, healthy selection more typically found in the prepared section of a grocery store or a quick service restaurant. They are ideal for closed environments such as larger office breakrooms and kitchens.

How micro markets work:

1. Customers choose from a variety of products - sweets, snacks, drinks (hot and cold), non-consumables from open shelves

2. Customers scan their products at the kiosk

3. Customers pay by mobile app, contactless and non-contactless card payment or cash

4. Customers enjoy their purchase

Break Room Rehab

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