Vospers is a multi marque dealership with showrooms across the South West of England.

The Challenge

Chairman, Mr Peter Vosper, wanted a high quality coffee shop style hot drinks machine for the company’s Motorhouse headquarters in Plymouth. The machine had to be low maintainance with low running cost and offer a wide choice of hot drinks for customers and employees to enjoy

An important consideration was that customers had to be able to use the machine unaided and the drinks needed to be delivered quickly. 

The Solution

Graddon Vending supplied a Crane Voce Pour Moi which could take both tokens and cash. Customers coming in for a service were then offered a complimentary drink using a token. Additional sales were made using cash.

Crane Voce Pour Moi

The Result

Mr Peter Vosper was very pleased with the choice and said:

’It makes the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted from a vending machine’.