University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is internationally renowned and ranked in the top 30 universities globally (QS World University Rankings). Over 25,000 employee, students and post graduates spend time on the university campus during the academic year.

The Challenge

A key requirement for The University of Bristol was to provide cashless vending. This was especially important to the many overseas students who requested that they could make payments through the vending machines with their bank cards.

The client was concerned about the possible compatibility issues with card readers being fitted to existing machines and could affect ‘up time’.

The Solution

We fitted card readers which accept Visa and MasterCard to the most popular machines on site.

The Result

The integration was seamless and has not caused any downtime for the machines and the resultant loss of revenue. Providing students and employees with an option of cashless vending has resulted in a 20% increase in sales of vending product during 2014 for University of Bristol.

Cashless Vending Machines at Bristol University