Making workplaces nicer places to be

With employee wellbeing high on business agendas more and more employers are taking the initiative to look after their people and provide quality food and drink on site. Where space is at a premium new innovative vending machines and vended products can be the perfect solution.
We offer a huge choice of vending machines to suit your business. Our quality refreshments match the tastes and expectations of workers in a range of industries from call centres to manufacturing plants and from large offices to distribution centres.

  • 24/7 access to your vending machines
  • Hot foods, cold drinks and snacks, hot beverages; from high end premium products to classics all with allergens and nutritional information listed.
  • Innovative vending machines that can handle both cash and cashless payments.
  • Klix 'In-cup' vending machines
  • Consultancy on recycling and waste management to support your CSR policy.
  • Professional service and support team based at the office and on the road.

Crane BevMax Cold Drinks Vending Machine
Crane Shopper 2 Food/Snack Vending Machine

Coca Cola Cold Drink Vending Machine


With our extensive range of vending machines, we've always got the perfect solution for your workplace.

We also supply integrated hot food vending