Making schools nicer places to be

We have extensive experience working with schools. We offer a range of vending machines stocked with healthy and school compliant refreshments and snacks to keep students energised and alert, which are popular with staff and visitors too.

Healthier Options Nutrigrain, Burts Lentil Crisps, Naked Bars

  • 24/7 vending machines for students and staff
  • Healthy and Fairtrade customised snacks and drinks
  • Engaging merchandising, promotions and new product introductions to encourage purchase.
  • Recycling and waste management programme
  • Professional service and support team based at the office and on the road.
  • Consultancy on recycling and waste management to support your CSR policy.
  • School compliant product range
  • Timed vend periods
Klix Drinks Vending Machine Pour Moi Coffee





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