Food & Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines - Including combination systems for food and snacks along with outdoor vending.


Merchant 4 & 6

The Merchant 4 and 6 Snack Vending Machines are available in snack and confectionary or snack, confectionary and cold drinks configuration along with the option to vend food items such as sandwiches and microwavable 


This Palma machine is available in four configurations. The Palma is supplied in a dual zone making it ideal for cold drinks and confectionery.


The Melodia is a slender snack, can and bottle vending machine ideal where space is limited. Flexible and reliable its elegant style will integrate into an array of environments. Available in slim line. 


Tango offers a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionary, cans or bottles – or a combination of all four.

Mars G Snack

Mars G-Snack

Mars G-Snack glass-fronted snack vending machines maximise choice, offering the best- selling chocolate, sugar and savoury brands in the market place.

Mars G-Snack Enclosed/Outdoor

Mars G Snack Outdoor Model

The Mars G-Snack enclosed version can be used outside.    

Hot and cold food vending machines


Easy 6000

The innovative multi drum Easy 6000 has retractable pull out drums which allow fast and easy stock replenishment. Innovative multi-drum pricing means you can have a wider choice of products.

Shopper 2

Shopper 2

The Shopper 2 accommodates over 136 items and is ideal for a “snack” short term service. It has rotating shelves for burgers, salads, snacks, sandwiches, yoghurts, fresh fruit and chilled drinks.

Bon Apetite

Bon Appetit Hot Food Vending Service

Bon Appetit’s Award Winning hot food catering service provides hot, tasty food, around the clock, through its cost effective vending service.

Real Wrap Vending Machine

The innovative Hot Wrap machine offers consumers 4 different delicious hot wraps, including hot and spicy or fruity.

FAS Just Now

FAS Just Now

The FAS Just Now Vending machine has a clever integrated microwave heating system. It can be combined with Perla Pro.SA and Krystal in a bank of vending machines.

No more food wastage...

Introducing the Graddon Vending Food Range

We supply a range of food for use in food and snack machines. These are available wholesale or through a fully managed service. They can be stored at ambient temperatures. There's no need to refrigerate and all items have a shelf life of 12 months or more.