Cold Drinks & Water Vending

Can, bottle and outdoor vending machines


BevMax™ Media Touch

The BevMax MEDIA Touch provides the ultimate cold drink vending experience, offering industry leading technology to help drive sales and consumer satisfaction. Includes: interactive touch screen control, SureVend technology, shopping cart multi-vend features, customisation graphics, temperature range from 0 - 23 degrees, disability height compliant, A rated energy efficiency
Sinfonia 6 & 9

Sinfonia 6 & 9

The Sinfonia 6 & 9 gives a great variety of choice. The wide glass window enhances the impulse to buy can and bottle drinks. Sturdy and fully insulated it can resist mild vandalism. 

Samba Top

The Samba Top holds up to 240 cans and bottles. A soft vend elevator enables delivery of heavy and fragile products from all the shelves.

Cola Cola Vending Machine

Coca Cola -  Inside and Outside

Coca Cola Enterprises offer 9 different vending machine models in a variety of different sizes, stock capacity and branding designs both for inside and outside.

Lucozade Bevmax 4 with cashless reader and multimedia

Stocked exclusively with Lucozade energy drinks, this cashless vending machine is ideal for sport centres, lesiure centres and gyms.


Water Systems



The strength of the B1 range is due to its sleek design, providing flexibility on where it can be located.


The benefits of the B2 range lie in its reliability and simple design.



The B3 is built from the strong foundations set by the B2 range, this product boasts additional features including a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser.


The B4 delivers water into normal water cups or sports bottles. 



The B5 range straddles the line between high end functionality and ultra-modern design


The U1 has a contoured tap and compact under- counter unit. It will fit into any environment seamlessly and can fill bottles, glasses and plastic cups.


The Billi Quadra boiling and chilled drinking water systems are space saving, efficient and elegant.