Cashless vending as high is as 98% in some of our machines

Monday 14th May 2018

In recent months data taken from a number of our vending machines has shown a significant shift away from cash vending and towards contactless or cashless vending. In some instances a massive 98% of sales are now cashless. With products sold for as little 35p this demonstrates that, even for the smallest vended item, users want the flexibiity to pay by card or phone.

We have a range of options available through our partner Nayax. The Nayax platform is ready-to-use and includes all necessary certifications. Processes such as automated void, cancellations, and refunds are completed simply and easily. Cashless payment is transparent and includes no hidden charges or fees. All payments are conveniently cleared with one low fee.

This technology is ideal for public sites and larger workplaces where flexible payment options lead to increased vending machine sales and positive feedback from staff. 

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